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Be Nice

We think that fine chocolate is a great way to make folks happy and we try to be courteous to everyone. If you feel that we’re not meeting your needs please let us know and we’ll try and make it right. We don’t respond well to angry people, our staff has been know to burst into flames when yelled at or otherwise abused. If you use abusive or threatening language, or are just a mean person, we may elect to not do business with you.

Legal Stuff

By using our site, you agree that any claim for damages will be limited to the actual price paid for your items. You also agree to try resolving the issue using an independent arbitrator in the state of Kansas, at your expense, before any litigation. If you feel the need to involve a court to resolve an issue, you agree that it will be in the state of Kansas and you’ll be liable for our legal fees.


Please be aware, all of our products may contain and are manufactured using equipment that process various types of nuts, nut oils, tropical oils, dairy, eggs and wheat. Since your circumstances are unique, we can’t offer advice on which product may be safe for you. Please consult with your physician to see if Hazel Hill products will be safe for you.


We make every effort to fill orders promptly. However since we manufacture much of our products by hand and our chocolate fairies can only work so fast, it may take up to three (3) days for your order to ship. Please calculate that additional time when determining when your items will arrive.


Thanks for visiting Hazel Hill Chocolate, the absolute best place for handmade chocolate and confectionary.

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